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About Us

How it began

        We moved to Jupiter, Florida from DC in the Winter of 2011. Up in DC we were avid rock climbers, but now the nearest gym was 40 miles away. Being so close to water we decided to invest in paddleboards and become weekend enthusiast paddling all through the intercostal of Jupiter. 

Our son at the time was about 2 1/2 and would happily sit on one of our boards during our paddles. Shortly after he turned 3, sitting on the board began to lose interest. That’s where we discovered the issue that would lead us to develop the Paddle Pal. Our son wanted to stand, but was too little for his own board. We searched local shops, Amazon, and Google to find something that would help bridge that gap. To our amazement there was nothing available. The one item we did find was expensive and more of a seat then a handle.

      Being in the construction field, I began to fiddle with different ideas until the first version of the Paddle Pal was created. It was basic, but it worked. Our son was up on our boards standing and loving it. Over time, we have adjusted the look, smoothed out rough edges, but kept to the principle of keep it simple and cost effective. 


Now a year after research and development with the help of our son, we have decided to make these into an actual product. Every time we are out on the water we are always asked by other water enthusiast where we bought it and now we are excited to be able to say: at